Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pure Ice Crackle: Get it or Pass it

Hey Everyone, 
So today I stopped by my local Walgreens and saw a new brand that I had never heard of out with a crackle nail polish in many colors, roughly 10. So of course I was interested because at $3.99 could there actually be a cheaper crackle than Sally Hansen and OPI? I went ahead and got four colors: Flash (white), Hot Couture (bright pink), Strike A Pose (aqua with blue-green shimmer) and finally All Shooked Up (purple with purple-pink shimmer). 

I tried using them all the exact same way as I did with my Black OPI Shatter, and tested them out with a thick coat and a thin coat. They all dry shiny, not matte-esque as my Black OPI does, and they are extremely fast drying. Almost, I feel too fast, which leads to my next point: it's ability to crackle. 

What I noticed with all shatters, be they OPI, Sally Hansen and now Pure Ice...the shimmery or glittery shades don't crackle as well as the solid colors do. I really don't know why but the Strike a Pose and All Shooked Up crackled so little that it looks like I painted my nails this solid color and streaked it when I was painting them. Both applications (thick and thin) had no difference. 

For the White and Pink shades, they shattered alright. I definitely saw a better shatter with a thicker coat, but it still wasn't as impressive as my OPI.  I have to hand it to OPI, that black shatter is still my favorite one. 

SO  the final say? Pass on the shimmer shades and go with the solid colors. Good try, but if you must check out Walgreens for Sally Hansen crackle at 6.99 which is the lowest I have seen in 4 mainstream drugstores. 

Has anyone else tried these products? How have they turned out for you? 

Have fun shopping!
Xoxo Ema


  1. I have Strike a Pose and Hot Couture, and I can't get either to crackle no matter what I do! I have no prior experience with crackle polishes. I've been holding off on getting the good stuff since I'm a cashier- digging at change all day kills any polish I ever put on lol. I saw the low price on the Pure Ice and decided to give it a whirl... Am i doing it wrong??? Or maybe it's just a bad batch? Please help me :p

  2. to be honest...anything with glitter or shimmer in crackle I have seen preform in a less than satisfactory way...including the OPI silver shatter. I know how you feel when it comes to being a cashier cause that's what I do! I usually double up on top coats and coat the tips of my nails extra to ensure that the nailpolish won't chip as fast. My best advice would be to sit down one day and just practice with the crackle polishes (Iespecially non-shimmer ones) it took me about 15 times to finally figure out a decent coat for the OPI crackle. Try different strokes, and amount of polish on the brush. I hope this helps...keep me posted, and I will also play around with those two!

  3. I have the pink on and the blue one.. and i liked them mine seem to crack well .. please follow back im now following u