Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fall Favorites!

Hi all,
  So I saw the lovely emilynoel83 do a Fall Favorites video and got completely inspired to do this tag. I found myself trying to reset my mind to wear more Fall tones. This is rather amusing since I think secretly I've been ready to jump into deeper tones of nail polish, and "rusty brown" tones. So let's jump in!

Beauty & Fashion:
1) Top 5 fall makeup items?

Revlon Vital Radiance in Pink Sands
   In no particular order: ELF Cream Liner in Coffee, Wet N Wild Acapulco Glow (as a highlight), Physicians Formula 2 in 1 Bronzer and Blush in Light and Pink Rose (since it is together in a compact, it makes it easier to carry), and for the eyes is my Revlon Vital Radiance in Pink Sands trio. Fall time is the best time to wear my browns, for me, since I do wear jewel toned clothing or jewelry.
2) Favorite fall hair product?

   I don't do much with my hair on a normal day, and really can't state that I change what I use unless it    comes down to using conditioner and shampoo brands. I don't have a favorite and usually grab what is on sale!
3) Favorite fall Nail Polish?

Cherry Jubilee
   I LOVE my Avon nailpolishes in Midnight Plum and Cherry Jubilee. I bought them when they were on 2 for $7. Anything that has a nice deep, jewel toned richness has been an ultimate favorite, and now since it is currently back in season, I can't wait!! Maybe I'll actually finish a nail polish this year!
4) Favorite fall scent?

  Not 2 weeks ago, I fell back in love with my Burberry London perfume. I stopped using it for a while and once I spritzed myself again, I fell so in love with it. It has a very slight floral hint to it, but not sweet. There is a cleanness yet a spicyness to it. It sometimes feels like I have my boyfriend's hoodie on, and mixed it with a more girly scent. It's just all around warm.
5) Most worn clothing item & accessory?

   I would have to say that during the fall season, I love pairing heeled boots with jeans and a jewel-toned sweaters. I love having a simple v-neck tshirt under a military style jacket or blazer. When it comes to accessories that I love to wear, I find that I go towards necklaces and dangley earrings.

Random fall Questions:
1) Who's your fall Style icon?

   I really don't have a fall style icon. I usually will see someone and think "oh wow, she just knows how to pull herself together".
2) Going to a corn maze, what do you wear?

LOVE this film
   I have been to corn mazes in the past and have learned from experience to wear shoes I don't mind getting dirty, comfortable pants (ie jeans or sweats), and layering tops. I would probably go with a long sleeved shirt and my "winter" hoodie.
3) Favorite Halloween movie?

   I LOVE Hocus Pocus. I remember since I was a young girl I would watch this movie when it was on TV. I never stop laughing about it, and it would not be Halloween season without it.
4) Favorite Halloween candy?

   Is it sad that I don't have a particular favorite? I never got to celebrate Halloween, so to make me feel better my mom would take me out for movies and ice cream!
5) What are you going to be for Halloween?!

   Well going along with number 4, I never celebrated, and since this year Halloween falls on a pretty heavy day class-wise, I may just pop a pair of cat or mouse ears in and call it a day haha. 

So that was just a fun little tag. What would you say are some of your favorites?



  1. I am with you and Grace I So love Hocus Pocus! Hmm...maybe we should be the three witches and do makeup looks inspired by them? That would be awesomeness!